Ashbourne: the hidden quaint charm of Derbyshire

When I got offered a job in Derby, I was temporarily living in a shared house, then I discovered Ashbourne in one of my weekend bus hoppings.

I fell in love with this tiny town for many reasons…

#1 So away from the central Derby city, yet the distance is only about 20 to 30 minutes on the bus – away from the manic city life

#2 The place has small shops that really is what I dig for but it can get touristy – nevermind

#3 Virtually no crime, at all – you can walk at night with no fear (the low rental fees of housing but big space for the price)

#4  A haven for antique collectors – loads and loads of antique shops

Many more reasons……

Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Fantastic view when you walk past the bridge upon alighting from the train or the bus, into the heart of the town High Street…..

Derbyshire UK

Perfect alleys and lanes to get lost and satisfy your ‘travel bug’ curiousity – stone-laden pavements and footpaths……

Ashbourne town UK

The longstanding High Street where you can find all sorts of shops and small businesses……

Derbyshire countryside

If you spot there park, this is quite near it – just have to wander around and find this lovely calming nature spot – a perfect place to read a book or think about life – whatever fancies you…..

crafts artisan markets

Ashbourne Saturday market can be a bit tricky – it is more of crafts rather than farmers’ produce, sometimes there are antiques or arts and crafts – unpredictable. But I am hoping that the scene will develop more into hosting quality stalls and fresh produce – not just cheap items from discount stores…

British artisan market

But many times during the year you will find weekend Crafts Fairs and also Vintage Fairs – they are all housed in the old town hall building. If you are a fan of crafts and vintage things, this town is really worth visiting.

I almost forgot to mention, Ashbourne is literally 5 minutes drive to the prettiest, my TOP 2, village in England – Tissington (if I win the lottery, I will buy a cottage there on day 1).

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