Horsham of West Sussex – most sought-after town


photos of Horsham West Sussex

My super favourite TO-DO in Horsham — the Saturday farmers’ market!


Horsham Sussex

Tempting treats from homebased British pastry makers – this element of the market truly makes the Saturday market colourful and full of festive vibe…..


farmers market photos

Oh, how I love the authenticity and pride, the flavours of artisan food makers like this sausage stall – you can never beat the charm of getting your sausages from the true champions of British food producers – British offerings at its best – feeling that homey goodness at its core….



farmers markets UK

You can also delight in being able to readily buy your fish right in the heart of the farmers’ market – fresh all day long!

(Horsham has also a fish monger shop in the high street that is open six days a week)



UK farmers market

Sample these mostly local produce fruits and vegetables during Saturdays where they are displayed in the market area, but you are also able to buy them during weekdays in their proper fruit and veggies store called The Crates (they also have a mini cafe adjacent to their grocers store).



artisan bread England

How British can this array of artisan bread go?

I had a short chat with the bread attendant and I found out that their bakeshop is somewhere in outskirts of Lewes in the Sussex county.


images of England

The British Butchers at work!



high street photos

The busy Saturday High Street



quaint cake shops UK

Quite a character of a cake shop – definitely a must-go place.

It is a bit off the main High Street lane but if you wander around, I am sure you will spot this attractive shop!



traditional shops UK

Quite a good old traditional store where you can find most baking and cooking ingredients at a low price, plus this shop also is one of the few surviving British small businesses that is characteristic of rustic old shops – very appealing and true blue country life.



photos of pastries

One of the busiest place to enjoy better-than-the-average pastry shops in the area – you can tell the patrons are somewhat particular in their taste – the price speaks ‘quality’.

Pretty and with a traditional appeal pastry and tea shop.


I hope you have enjoyed the rustic and pretty shots of Horsham……



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